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Do you like the World Bible Museum and Library project? Would you like to support it or work with us? We offer several forms of cooperation on the Bible Museum project and its various activities. There are several forms of cooperation including ...

Cooperation offer for:

  • Travel agencies
  • Hotels, pensions, and other accommodation facilities
  • Jednotlivce

  • Cities and villages
  • Churches and parishes

  • Tourist attractions and attractions
  • Tourist guide
  • other...


We would like to thank our partners and supporters who have made individual donations...

City Jablunkov

The easternmost city
of the Czech Republic


An exceptional region
of ancient highlanders

Moravia and Silesia

A region full of attractions

Technical pathway

Discover the unique technical attractions of the region

International business platform


Christian Internet TV


Discover the beauty
of the spa town

Hrcavsky grunt

Small family organic farm in Trojmezí with great products