Bible Museum projects

Our projects

For a long time, the World Bible Museum and Library has been pursuing interesting projects and activities that bring people closer to the Bible and its message - especially to show the Lord Jesus Christ and His wonderful offer of eternal life for all of us.

It also participates in projects aimed at helping the needy, children and young people, as well as those who, for example, have a difficult life.

As part of its activities, the museum addresses all ages in many countries of the world. It cooperates with individuals, churches and parishes, selected schools or public institutions.

Select project focus for:

The Public

We understand that today's world is not easy. But everything can work with God's help. Our Lord is wonderful and has the power to solve every problem and every issue. Whether you are a believer or not, you can have a very nice experience with Him. Give him everything you "have in mind"...

For the general public, we realize interesting projects that help you cope with difficult life situations or help those who need our help. We appreciate very good cooperation with many partners, from individuals, churches or parishes, to towns and municipalities or selected institutions, thanks to which we can make many of the projects a reality ...

Learn more about our most important projects:

The Bible Museum in Jablunkov

  • the On-going Exhibition "The Books of books"
  • come to visit the easternmost city of the Czech Republic
  • you can see almost 500 exhibits from the mid-16th century to the present

Bible for everyone

  • we distribute Bibles free of charge throughout the Czech and Slovak Republics
  • we help you understand the Bible
  • we help you discover important treasures for your life in the Bible

The power of prayer

  • we will pray for what bothers you
  • write to us about your concerns
  • we will fight by your side


  • Christian Internet TV
  • we are involved in the production of some programs
  • get inspired by many interesting shows

Benefit concerts

  • co-realize benefits
  • we especially help children
  • Join the help as well

God loves you

  • we run an information campaign in the media, on the Internet or in person
  • we bring God's love closer to each of us
  • know that there is someone who loves you

Churches and parishes

The World Bible Museum and Library in Jablunkov offers long-term cooperation to churches and parishes from all over the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries. Take advantage of our many years of experience working with people and missions (both within and outside of the church).

We are in the process of several interesting projects leading to our main goal - to bring as many people as possible to the Lord Jesus Christ and lead them to surrender their lives to Him in faith. We also strive to strengthen individual Christian communities - ie churches and parishes and, above all else, for the members themselves to have a deeper relationship with the Lord Jesus. Last but not least, we help those who are interested in spreading the gospel to work better in the Lord's field.

We have also partnered with some of the projects of our partners and co-workers. You can also help us spread the Gospel not only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also in many other countries...

What we can offer you:

On our part, we can

  • share the gospel with your municipality, city, region or with your loved ones - external mission
  • strengthen the faith and relationship of the members of your Christian community with God - internal mission

We can do this several ways

  • individual adaptation to the needs of your region, church or parish
  • through selected projects implemented in various regions of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries
  • personally meeting with the members of your church or parish and addressing the topics
  • electronic communication for more efficient problem solving
  • by regularly sharing and giving experiences with mission (internal and external)

No commitments

  • of course, any cooperation does not oblige you to do anything
  • we want to bring the gospel as close as possible to the greater population of the Czech and Slovak Republics, abroad
  • we want to strengthen faith and personal relationship with the Lord Jesus among believers